MtgWorks is the perfect meeting companion, putting
Table Talk, advanced Audience Response, Presentation, and Paperless Meeting tools in the hands of the delegates—everything you need to engage your attendees.

Branded for your event

The app is custom skinned for each event so that it reflects
your brand, your meeting, and your messaging.

Customize your meeting from our library of modes

We design and build your meeting with the features you need to effectively engage, communicate, and interact.
All of the modes are included in MtgWorks, select just the ones that will help you achieve your goals.

Sharing ideas with Table Talk

Table Talk provokes conversations. Delegate responses, ideas, and feedback, are captured, facilitated, and synthesized. Reponses can then be displayed on the main screens or iPads for further discussion. All attendee input is formatted into reports for review immediately after the session. Table Talk gives facilitators of large group interventions, the tools they need.

Four unique roles to facilitate Table Talk

To maximize engagement and the effectiveness of interactive
sessions, Table Talk runs in four configurations:


For delegates engaged in a presentation.


The Presenter controls what is seen on the iPad screens during presentations at an event. This role can be handled by a member of your team or by MtgWorks on-site staff.


Facilitators review delegate commentary, feedback, and poll responses in real time. They can select individual responses, as well as isolate and highlight themes for meeting presenters and continued discussion.


Editors review Facilitator suggestions and Participant responses. They select the responses to be displayed to the main screen and suggest topics for further group discussion.

Flexible. BYOD or ours.

Each project has a different set of requirements, we understand that, MtgWorks is flexible.

We provide turn-key solutions for events seamlessly providing content delivery, facilitators, full production kit, secure wireless network and show crew. Or, we can work with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, wireless networks and audio-visual production suppliers.

MtgWorks event support can range from a single audience response session to an entire meeting solution. We can securely network a dozen or hundreds of devices.

About MtgWorks

MtgWorks was created from 30 years of innovative interactive and events experience. Our goal: to maximize the potential of your events. We focused on creating the right tools to engage your delegates, ease of use, flexibility in meeting creation, and on-site systems reliability.

To learn more about MtgWorks:

Download our brochure

Contact us for more information or a hands-on demo 267-765-7060

MtgWorks is available as a free download on the App Store.

To fully use the app, you must be in attendance at a MtgWorks powered event.

Please contact us for a demo meeting code.